Procrastination Killer v1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

March 20, 2009

Download from iTunes App Store
You can also search for Procrastination Killer from the app store!

Procrastination Killer help you time and controls work dashes.

Work for ten minutes with single-minded focus on moving toward completion on a single task. After 10 minutes of sweaty, dedicated work you get a 2-minute break to do whatever you want. When the two minutes are up, it’s back to work.

You should first start with the default 10 and 2 minutes interval, and then adapt it if you want longer work dash on longer breaks.

Why would this help killing procrastination?

By making even the most modest bit of progress on your hated task, you’ve done what once seemed impossible: you got started.

Feel like working more?

Well just work more! The break time won’t start as long as you did not hit the OK button when the software request for a break.

Download from iTunes App Store
You can also search for Procrastination Killer from the app store!



9 Responses to “Procrastination Killer v1.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch”

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  2. elwood said

    How about a mac desktop version or a widget

  3. lrussell said

    Just what I need – thanks!

  4. Dan said

    Been using this for the last 30min and I think it could really help me beat my procrastination 😀

    I’m not sure if this is a bug or me using it wrong, but when my “work time” is up it pauses then doesn’t show a break timer?

    Also a shorter name for the springboard would be nice, I hate having “Procra…iller” as the title :).

    When OS3.0 rolls around push notification messages saying “Work!” / “Have a break!” would be amazing!

    • Dan said

      This definitely seems to be a bug:

      When “work time” has finished the break timer flashes up for a second, then changes to “Pause” and the alert message shows telling you to take a break.

      Clicking “Ok” on the alert doesn’t start the break timer, just closes the alert with “Pause” still displayed.

      Clicking play in the bottom corner starts the work timer, not the break one – so there doesn’t appear to be a way to get the break timer to actually count down.

      I’m running it on an iPhone 3G with the latest update.

  5. Elie Rodrigue said

    Hi there, i’ve been able to reproduce the issue on some device, an fix is being worked on and a free update should be gived to apple today.

  6. x-tream said

    Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation)
    I have been a fan of Apple products for ages and they never let me down, great customer service, reliable hardware and good customer service.
    The latest and the greatest from Apple is the iPod Touch, it’s like a laptop but much smaller and cheaper, what makes the iPod Touch awesome are all of the Apps that available out there.
    I don’t look at my iPod Touch as just a media player anymore, it’s also the best most useful gadget i have even owned.
    My Wife loves it as well and my kids won’t put the darn thing down thanks to all the Apps for Kids available out there.
    Before the iPod Touch my Kids were playing their Nintendo DS Lite all the time and they have not touched the DS ever since i bought the Touch, it’s been months.

  7. GTDman said


    Will the timer still run if I exit the app?
    Does this app has alarm?


  8. Alot of bloggers are not very pleased with the new iPad.There was just too much hype over it and lots of blogers got turned off.You see, I for one see some of the cool potential of the gizmo. Third-party soft for doing music, games, papers and magazines and FFS books, all kinds of awesome stuff, but IMHO they failed to sell it properly (aside from the books). It feels rather unfinished

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